April 2, 2010  |  Do You Know Your MoMA?
Do You Know Your MoMA? 04/02/2010

How well do you know your MoMA? Above are images of works from the MoMA collection that are currently on view in the galleries. If you think you can identify the artist, title, and location of each work, please submit your answers by leaving a comment on this post.  We’ll provide the answers—along with some information about each work—next Friday, along with the next Do You Know Your MoMA? challenge.


So we made a mistake and did not specify that last week’s clues were all for works in MoMA’s exhibition The Modern Myth: Drawing Mythologies in Modern Times, now on view in our third-floor drawings galleries, so it isn’t that surprising that nobody got all the answers. This is an excellent show, so if you can you should visit it now to see if you can spot the works.

A very honorable mention goes to Laura Rosa, who only missed the fourth clue (Odilon Redon’s The Centaur) and to Isabel García Ariza, who missed the third (Goya’s The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters) and fourth clues. Congratulations to you both for doing such a good job!

Here are the answers to last week’s challenge:

Clues for the Do You Know Your MoMA? challenge, 3/26/10

1. Mark Rothko. Archaic Idol. 1945.

2. Andy Warhol. Untitled (Roy Rogers). c. 1948.

3. Francisco de Goya. The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters from the illustrated book Los Caprichos. 1797–1799.

4. Odilon Redon. The Centaur. 1885–1900.

5. Wilfredo Lam. Satan. 1942.

6. Amedeo Modigliani. Caryatid. 1914.