Nikhil Garde, Designskolen Kolding, Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen, Barnabas Wetton, Michael Frederiksen, Viking Life-Saving Equipment A/S. Sea Shelter. 2004
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In the midst of a storm at sea, attempting to board a life raft is extremely difficult. This raft, which is fitted with handles on either side and a step that extends below the surface of the water, enables the person at sea to grab the handles and raise her legs from the water without putting strain on her arms, which are used only for stability. The wide step allows the occupants of the life raft to lean out to help other people enter. The raft positions itself according to the direction of the wind and can be oriented by its occupants so that its opening faces the people swimming toward it.

Gallery label from Born out of Necessity, March 2, 2012–January 28, 2013
Viking Life-Saving Equipment A/S
Nylon and rubber
6'6 3/4" x 10'6" x 12'1 5/8" (200 x 320 x 370 cm)
Alexander Schärer Purchase Fund
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© 2018 Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen, Danish, Barnabas Wetton, and Michael Frederiksen
Architecture and Design