The Museum of Modern Art, Floor 2, Marron Atrium
Charles Eames, Ray Eames. Prototype for Chaise Longue (La Chaise). 1948. Hard rubber foam, plastic, wood, and metal, 32 1/2 x 59 x 34 1/4" (82.5 x 149.8 x 87 cm). Gift of the designers

During the mid-twentieth century, MoMA advanced concepts of “good design” through competitions and exhibitions that supported broader political interests during the Cold War, when governments embraced good design as a tool for social and economic reconstruction. This session will explore a series of deeper questions that lie behind seemingly quotidian objects, such as Tupperware, automobiles, and plywood furniture. What is good design and who decides? Should the museum be an arbiter of taste? What are the boundaries between the museum, the market, and the political arena? What role did women play in the production of good design? What are the similarities and differences between art and design?

This session is led by Jennifer Gray and Petra Pankow.

Join us for lively conversations and engaging activities, facilitated by Museum educators, that offer insightful and unusual ways to engage with MoMA’s collection and special exhibitions.

Gallery Sessions are free for members and Museum admission ticket holders. No registration is required. Groups meet in the Marron Atrium, Floor 2.

FM headsets for sound amplification are available for all talks.

This event accompanies The Value of Good Design.
This event is part of Gallery Sessions.