Live Cello Performance by Maya Beiser.
The Museum of Modern Art, Floor T2, Theater 2
*Just Ancient Loops*. 2012. Performed by Maya Belser at Bang on a Can Marathon, Winter Garden at the World Financial Center, June 17, 2012. Photograph (c) 2012 Thomas Steenland

All Vows
2013. USA. Directed by Bill Morrison. Music by Michael Gordon. “All Vows” is an English translation of “Kol Nidre,” a Yom Kippur incantation that nullifies any future vows made without intention. The film uses archival film scenes to show a dissolving historic document that represents an unknowable future. 10 min.
New York Premiere

Just Ancient Loops
2012. USA. Directed by Bill Morrison. Music by Michael Harrison. High-resolution scans of archival nitrate film scenes are combined with newly created CGI renderings of the planets to depict different views of the heavens. 26 min.

Light Is Calling
2004. USA. Directed by Bill Morrison. Music composed by Michael Gordon. Two minor characters from The Bells, a 1926 crime film by James Young, become the central focus of Light Is Calling as they forge an impossible relationship from a chance encounter. 7 min.

Program 43 min.

This film accompanies Bill Morrison: Compositions.