Numax presenta… (Numax presents…). 1979. Catalonia. Directed by Joaquim Jordà. Courtesy Filmoteca de Catalunya

Numax presenta… (Numax Presents…). 1979. Catalonia. Written and directed by Joaquim Jordà. Digital projection. In Spanish; English subtitles. 115 min.

In this revealing documentary, the filmmaker both observes and participates in an experiment at self-management by the workers of the Numax factory in Barcelona from 1977 until 1979.

    1. Saturday, November 10, 2018,
      1:00 p.m.

      The Museum of Modern Art, Floor T2, Theater 2
    2. Wednesday, November 7, 2018,
      4:30 p.m.

      Education Center, Mezzanine, Theater 3