The Museum of Modern Art, Floor T2, Theater 2
Still from Phil Tippett’s *Mad God*. 1990–ongoing. Courtesy of Tippett Studio

Two-time Academy Award–winning visual effects and animation artist Phil Tippett has brought his radical innovations in screen technology—and his imaginative wit—to the creation of an entire generation of fantastical movie creatures. A pioneer in the revolutionary transition from stop-motion animation to CGI in the Star Wars trilogy, Starship Troopers, Robocop and Robocop 2, Jurassic Park, and the Twilight saga, Tippett joins us to share his far-ranging career and inspirations (from Hieronymous Bosch to Tex Avery) through clips and an onstage conversation with the artist and filmmaker Lucy Raven and MoMA curator Joshua Siegel. The program features the work-in-progress premiere of his long-awaited independent project Mad God, his recent collaborations with Lucy Raven, and an afternoon screening of Starship Troopers, which he presents with 30 minutes of rare production footage.