*A Man Alone*. USA. 1955. Directed by Ray Milland. Courtesy of Republic Pictures/Photofest

A Man Alone. 1955. USA. Directed by Ray Milland. With Ray Milland, Mary Murphy, Ward Bond. DCP. 95 min.

Republic gave the veteran star Ray Milland his first chance to direct with this 1955 Western, a moody chamber piece that makes the most of a restricted setting. Milland plays a notorious gunslinger who, in a powerful opening sequence filmed without dialogue, discovers the grisly aftermath of a stagecoach robbery that has left half a dozen dead. He makes his way to a nearby town where, learning that he is wanted for the crime, he hides himself in the home of the local sheriff (Ward Bond), who has been quarantined with yellow fever. With the sheriff’s daughter (Mary Murphy), he nurses the sick man back to health, endangering himself in the process.

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