*Hat Check Girl*. 1932. USA. Directed by Sidney Lanfield

Hat Check Girl. 1932. USA. Directed by Sidney Lanfield. Screenplay by Barry Conners, Philip Klein, based on the novel by Rian James. With Sally Eilers, Ben Lyon, Ginger Rogers. 35mm. 75 min.

In this raucous pre-Code comedy, directed with flair by Sidney Lanfield, Brooklyn beauty Sally Eilers lands the hatcheck concession at a swanky Manhattan night club, only to get mixed up with a bootlegging boss (Dewey Robinson), a blackmailing gossip columnist (Monroe Owsley), and a Long Island socialite with designs on her virtue (Ben Lyons). The Production Code Administration rejected Fox’s application for a post-Code reissue permit in 1937, labeling the film a “story of loose sex, treated without proper compensating moral values.” Preservation funded by the Celeste Bartos Fund For Film Preservation.

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