The Museum of Modern Art, Floor T2, Theater 2
*Dressed to Kill*. 1928. USA. Directed by Irving Cummings

Dressed to Kill. 1928. USA. Directed by Irving Cummings. With Edmund Lowe, Mary Astor, Tom Dugan. 35mm. 80 min.

Another underworld romance from Irving Cummings, this time with a lighter tone. Dapper Edmund Lowe is the gentleman crook “Mile-Away Barry,” nicknamed for his habitual distance from the scene of the crime, whose upscale burglary ring is threatened when he falls hard for a dubious dame (Mary Astor). Stylishly directed by Cummings, with much of the action confined to an impossibly elegant speakeasy and with deft comic support from Tom Dugan, R. O. Pennell, and Ed Brady as members of Barry’s gang. Piano accompaniment by Makia Matsumura.