The Museum of Modern Art, Floor T2, Theater 2
Camille Henrot. *Saturday*. 2017. 3-D video (color, sound), 19:32 min. Courtesy the artist and Metro Pictures, New York. © 2018 Camille Henrot

Featuring references that range from Japanese flower arrangements and Baptist traditions in the South Pacific to James Joyce’s Ulysses, Camille Henrot’s work aims to destabilize the anthropological and historical systems that help structure the density of human knowledge in the connected age of the Internet. In her most recent solo presentation at Palais de Tokyo, she investigated social and historical constructions around the temporal units of the week. Saturday, a new 3-D film produced for the occasion, follows the activities of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, an evangelical Christian denomination that observes the Sabbath on Saturdays. Shot in New York, Washington, DC, Tahiti, and Tonga, the film situates the pursuit of hope for a better life within a broader investigation of religion and human ritual. This event marks the New York premiere of Saturday. Following the screening, Camille Henrot will be joined in conversation by Stuart Comer, chief curator of MoMA’s Department of Media and Performance Art.

This film accompanies Modern Mondays.