This ongoing conversation series provides an opportunity to think deeply about a broad but timely theme as it relates to a small selection of works at MoMA. Working from the perspective that art provides connections to each other and the world around us, we will consider this month’s theme, “energy,” through the lens of one work: Agnes Martin’s With My Back to the World (1997). Gallery stools are included. This session meets at the entrance to The Long Run, Floor 4.

This session is led by Paula Stuttman.

Join us for lively conversations and engaging activities, facilitated by Museum educators, that offer insightful and unusual ways to engage with MoMA’s collection and special exhibitions. Gallery Sessions are free for members and Museum admission ticket holders. No registration is required. Groups meet in the Marron Atrium, Floor 2.

FM headsets for sound amplification are available for all talks.

    1. Friday, May 4, 2018,
      11:30 a.m.

      The Museum of Modern Art, Floor 4
    2. Thursday, May 3, 2018,
      1:30 p.m.

      The Museum of Modern Art, Floor 4
    This event accompanies The Long Run.
    This event is part of Gallery Sessions.