Those Who Are Fine (Dene wos guet geit). 2017. Switzerland. Directed by Cyril Schäublin. Courtesy of Seeland Filmproduktion GmbH

Dene wos guet geit (Those Who Are Fine). 2017. Switzerland . Directed by Cyril Schäublin. In Swiss-German; English subtitles. 71 min.

New York Premiere

This dark comic study of an alienated contemporary Zurich begins by following an impassive twenty-something, a call center worker by day who initiates phone scams targeting elderly workers after hours. The film then spirals out to incorporate into its narrative city residents—police, bank tellers, reporters—obliquely linked to this swindle. Swiss filmmaker Cyril Schäublin’s feature debut (following a half-dozen short films to his name, including Stampede, ND/NF 2013) is a razor-sharp, formalist satire, using the city’s grey concrete architecture; clipped, digit-dominated exchanges between urbanites (phone numbers, Wi-Fi passwords, credit cards); and even a dash of sci-fi-esque atmospherics to portray a fractured, contemporary dystopia.

    1. Saturday, April 7, 2018,
      1:45 p.m.

      The Museum of Modern Art, Floor T2, Theater 2
    2. Thursday, April 5, 2018,
      9:00 p.m.

      Lincoln Center, Walter Reade Theater
    This film accompanies New Directors/New Films 2018.