Education Center, Mezzanine, Theater 3
Santa y Andrés (Santa & Andrés). Cuba-Colombia-France. 2016. Directed by Carlos Lechuga. © 2017 Breaking Glass Pictures, LLC

Santa y Andrés (Santa & Andrés). 2016. Cuba/Colombia/France. Directed by Carlos Lechuga. 105 min.

Cuba, 1983. Santa is a 30-year-old peasant who works on a state farm. Andrés is a 50-year-old homosexual writer who, according to the government, has "ideological problems." As is customary with those disaffected with the revolution, whenever there is a political event in the area someone is sent to keep an eye on them to prevent any acts of public opposition. This time the task of monitoring Andrés falls to Santa. For three consecutive days, Santa sits at the entrance to Andrés's cabin to supervise his movements. The censorship of Santa & Andrés was a ministerial decision, announced in November of 2016, following the film’s candidacy for official competition in the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana. That veto not only prevented the film from participating in the competition, but also prohibited its exhibition on national territory.

    This film accompanies Cuban Cinema under Censorship.