Education Center, Mezzanine, Theater 3
Seres Extravagantes (Odd People Out). Cuba. 2004. Directed by Manuel Zayas. Courtesy Manuel Zayas

Seres extravagantes (Odd People Out). 2004. Cuba. Directed by Manuel Zayas. 54 min.

Odd People Out tracks the process of marginalization and the repression of homosexuals during the first two decades of the Cuban revolution through the biography of the writer Reinaldo Arenas—as told by himself and other intellectuals and artists who shared his life and suffered the repression of a regime that named them “extravagant.” For many years none of them existed; they were considered non-people. Filmed clandestinely in Cuba in 2003, Odd People Out was never exhibited on the island.

    This film accompanies Cuban Cinema under Censorship.