The Museum of Modern Art, Floor T2, Theater 2
Michael Holman. Still from *The Subjective Gaze*. 2018. Loop performance. Courtesy of the artist

Throughout the 1980s, artist and impresario Michael Holman thrived at the intersection of Manhattan’s No Wave and hip-hop scenes, producing pioneering work across music, performance, and television. In this live appearance, Holman revisits an early performance with his Gray bandmate, Wayne Clifford, in which Super8 and analog video loops were manipulated live, much like a DJ at a turntable, in the spirit of the band’s structural aesthetics. At MoMA, the new iteration of this loop performance, titled The Subjective Gaze, will consist of improvised moving images by Holman and sound by Nick Taylor, also of Gray, as a starting point in an expansive exploration of loops as a motif across scientific, spiritual, and artistic realms, in a hypnotizing study of the inherent structures underlying creativity.

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