Live performance and presentation by the filmmakers
The Museum of Modern Art, Floor T1, Theater 1
*Híbridos, the Spirits of Brazil*. 2017. Brazil. Directed by Vincent Moon and Priscilla Telmon. Courtesy of Vincent Moon

Híbridos, the Spirits of Brazil. 2017. Brazil/France. Directed by Vincent Moon, Priscilla Telmon. Co-presented with Cinema Tropical

This multi-platform project explores various forms of cinema, as well as various spiritual practices and trance forms around Brazil. Híbridos comprises four components: a feature-length film, a comprehensive open-source website, a multi-screen, site-specific installation, and a live cinema experience, in which the artists reconstruct the project from the source material in a dynamic presentation. Each form completes the other, in an attempt to question our relationship to images and to build an immersive, sensorial experience that evokes the trance state.