The Museum of Modern Art, Floor T2, Theater 2
Aloha Wanderwell, The World’s Most Widely Traveled Woman. Courtesy of The Richard Diamond Trust

Born Idris Hall in Canada, Aloha Wanderwell Baker became one of the most audacious female explorer/adventurers of the 1920s, driving around the world in her Ford Model-T and recording her voyages on 35mm film for presentation on the American lecture circuit. Heather Linville, a film preservationist at the Academy Film Archive, has been working with the collection of nitrate that Aloha donated to AMPAS in 1985; for this illustrated lecture, she’ll be present, along with Aloha’s grandson Richard Diamond and researcher Jessica DePrest, to relate Aloha’s dramatic life and fabulous adventures. Music by Shari Cummings. Special thanks to the Richard Diamond Trust.

Program approx. 75 min.