Spring Performance Festival on April 15, 2018, presented at MoMA PS1 as part of VW Sunday Sessions 2017-2018.
Photo by Walter Woldarczyk.

In conjunction with MoMA PS1’s Spring Open House, VW Sunday Sessions presents a free performance festival in collaboration with Brooklyn-based artist-run venue Secret Project Robot featuring more than 35 artists. A celebration of New York City’s performance scene, the program highlights artists who first found an outlet for their work, as well as camaraderie and resources, within the city's alternative spaces. These artists continue to present experimental projects and support the community that fostered their personal and creative identities. Featuring six hour-long durational pieces, videos, improvisational theater, solo and collaborative projects, and live music, the festival brings together work that intersects music, art, and nightlife.

Emceed by Horrorchata and Merrie Cherry of BUSHWIG, the festival includes music performances by Bottoms, Bunny Michael, Macy Rodman, Jennifer Vanilla, and DJ Dog Dick. Interspersed between music performances, FLUCT will premiere a new video work and Kathleen Dycaico presents a series of performances featuring Soojin Chang, DeVonn Francis, Sophia Park, and Kellian Delice. Throughout the building, visitors will encounter pop-up music, performance, and interventions, including performances from Somos Monstros, a collaborative project from Raúl de Nieves and Erik Zajaceskowski; a new durational play from Bushwick-based theatre group Saints of an Unnamed Country, directed by Cameron Stuart and Danielle Pomorski; a six-hour recital from Frank Hurricane; music by Invisible Circle and Dean Cercone; and DJ sets by DJ Bebe and DJ Adi. The day-long program concludes with a rare concert from seminal experimental Brooklyn band Black Dice, who are returning to New York after a five year absence.

Secret Project Robot has been a longstanding part of New York’s cultural landscape, holding interdisciplinary events in multiple locations for almost 20 years. This festival marks the culmination of VW Sunday Sessions’ season-long exploration of alternative platforms for creative practice.

MoMA PS1’s acclaimed VW Sunday Sessions program welcomes visitors to experience art live and in real time. Embracing performance, music, dance, conversations, and film, the program vividly demonstrates how these art forms can push us to engage with our contemporary world in creative, illuminating ways. With an emphasis on artistic practices that blur and break
traditional genre boundaries, the program supports and commissions new work, inviting artists, curators, and other cultural instigators to share their latest projects. MoMA PS1 offers one of the most extensive museum programs dedicated to live art in the world, representing a core component of the institution's mission since its founding.

VW Sunday Sessions is organized by Taja Cheek, Curatorial Assistant, MoMA PS1; and Alex Sloane, Curatorial Assistant, MoMA PS1, with Alexandra Rosenberg, Associate Producer.

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VW Sunday Sessions and the VW Dome at MoMA PS1 are made possible by a partnership with Volkswagen of America, who have supported the program for six years since its inception.

This performance is part of VW Sunday Sessions 2017–18.