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*On the Beach at Night Alone*. 2017. South Korea. Directed by Hong Sang-soo. Courtesy of Cinema Guild

On the Beach at Night Alone. 2017. South Korea. Directed by Hong Sang-soo. DCP. 101 min.

Kim Min-hee (The Handmaiden) plays Young-hee, a film actress recovering from a scandalous affair with an older, married film director. A self-imposed exile in Germany takes her far away from the tabloid headlines, but when she returns home to South Korea she must face her friends and reality. As is typical of Hong Sang-soo’s films, plenty of soju is consumed and lots of impulsive words are uttered. The evidently tormented Young-hee indulges in self-pity, breaks into anger, lashes out at friends, and turns melancholic simultaneously. Hong and Kim’s real-life romantic drama, a subject of much chatter in the Korean tabloids, adds a layer of introspection to this articulation of a certain state of mind. Courtesy of Cinema Guild.

This film accompanies The Contenders 2017.