*Wild Style*. 1983. USA. Directed by Charlie Ahearn. Image courtesy of Music Box Films

Wild Style. 1983. USA. Directed by Charlie Ahearn. With Lee Quinones, Patti Astor, Lady Pink, Fab 5 Freddy. 35mm. 82 min.

Set against the backdrop of the South Bronx in the 1980s, Wild Style brought Downtown cool kids all the way up for a cross-borough romp through a city on the cusp of a new day. A touchstone for hip-hop cinema, Wild Style helped introduce the nation to the beat that was taking over the Bronx and would eventually become a global cultural force. Following a crew of scrappy graffiti writers as they tag the city, Ahearn captures a creative wellspring that would go on to inspire generations. Journalist Virginia (Patti Astor) meets Zoro (Lee Quiñones) whose legendary talents with a spray can form the backbone of the film. Wild Style takes viewers on a journey through breaking, MCing, DJing, and, of course, graffiti writing with pioneers like Fab 5 Freddy and Grandmaster Flash at center stage.

  1. Thursday, December 28, 2017,
    5:00 p.m.

    The Museum of Modern Art, Theater 2
  2. Friday, December 22, 2017,
    7:00 p.m.

    Post-screening discussion with Charlie Ahearn
    The Museum of Modern Art, Theater 2