The Museum of Modern Art, Floor T1, Theater 1
*Wonder Woman*. 2017. USA. Directed by Patty Jenkins. Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman. 2017. USA. Directed by Patty Jenkins. DCP. 141 min.

Every era needs a savior, every young person a hero. In a universe of recycled (and male-centered) superhero films—and in a floundering film industry constantly missing opportunities to engage new audiences—up leaps Patty Jenkins's vision of Wonder Woman, as embodied by Gal Godot. Recalling the wit and heart of Richard Donner's 1980 film Superman, this hero fantasy finally brings us a character to earnestly admire and cheer for. She's everything we've been looking for in our popcorn heroes—and an icon for this moment. Courtesy of Warner Bros.

This film accompanies The Contenders 2017.