The Museum of Modern Art, Floor T2, Theater 2
Kestutis Nakas. *Your Program of Programs*. 1982–83. Video. Purchase from the artist

Modern Mondays presents Channel D, a new multimedia performance work by Lithuanian American theater artist Kestutis Nakas, revisiting his own 1982–83 Manhattan Cable public-access show Your Program of Programs (which was recently acquired and preserved by the Museum). Staged weekly at the Experimental Television Center, YPOP joined Glenn O’Brien’s TV Party and Colab-produced programs in New York’s rich post-punk artists’ television scene. As host, Nakas riffed on the early TV work of Ernie Kovacs and Sid Caesar while flaunting the tatty, precarious nature of its production in a theatrical impulse rooted in Brecht and Dada. Through spoken word and video, Nakas will channel YPOP participants and East Village artists such as John Sex and Tseng Kwong Chi, all the while articulating a more sinister side of American selfhood on the other side of the monitor—then and now.