Recommended for kids ages four and up and their adult companions

Education Center, Mezzanine, Theater 3
*A Small Escape*. 2016. Sweden. Directed by David Sandell. Courtesy: David Sandell

Ballet Robotique. 1983. USA. Directed by Bob Rogers. 8 min.

Documentary footage of computerized robots working on an automobile assembly line is choreographed to look like a dance. Each of the movements in this mechanical ballet is dramatized by a different musical excerpt from the work of Bizet, Delibes, and Tchaikovsky.

A Chairy Tale. 1957. Canada. Directed by Norman McLaren and Claude Jutra. 10 min.

This wordless black-and-white film dramatizes an amusing encounter between a man and a chair. One of the great classics for children, this film is notable for its simple story and music by Ravi Shankar.

A Small Escape. 2016. Sweden. Directed by David Sandell. 3 min.

A pair of scissors escapes from a kitchen, then connects with other everyday objects to transform into a bird and flies away.

The Music Box. 2010. USA. Directed by Jennifer Oxley and Nicholas Oxley. 3 min.

In a New York City apartment, a little girl is trying to open an antique wooden box. Unfortunately the box is stuck, but the little girl has an idea.

The Big Race. 2004. USA/Madagascar. Directed by Phil Aupperle. 6 min.

Tulch and Noel, best friends with a day off from school, prove that you don't need fancy toys or the latest technology to have some fun on a beautiful summer afternoon. Maybe all you need is a tin can and a little imagination.

Enjoy new and classic family-friendly short films, engaging discussions, and suggestions for follow-up activities in the Museum’s galleries. This program is for individual families of up to two adults and up to three kids.

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