The Museum of Modern Art, Floor 3
Terry Adkins. *Corpus Specere.* c. 2010. Single-channel video (black and white, sound), 10:45 min. © Estate of Terry Adkins. Courtesy the Estate of Terry Adkins

On the occasion of Projects 107: Lone Wolf Recital Corps, a changing group of artists in the multidisciplinary performance collective founded by artist and musician Terry Adkins (American, 1954–2014) presents new work and reprises selections from the Corps’s repertoire, both within the exhibition and in the Museum’s theaters.

A Living Space features Sanford Biggers, Juini Booth, Demetrius Oliver, Clifford Owens, Kamau Amu Patton, and Dread Scott. Invoking the mythic Blanche Bruce, the artists restage passages from the 2013 recital Postlude (Corpus Specere).

Tickets for this program will be available beginning August 20.

This performance accompanies Projects 107: Lone Wolf Recital Corps.