*Big Trouble.* 1986. USA. Directed by John Cassavetes. Courtesy of Columbia Pictures/Photofest. © Columbia Pictures

Big Trouble. 1986. USA. Directed by John Cassavetes. Screenplay by Andrew Bergman. With Peter Falk, Beverly D’Angelo, Alan Arkin

35mm. 93 min.

Cassavetes concluded his directorial career with this farce, strongly inspired by the 1944 noir classic Double Indemnity. Peter Falk and Alan Arkin—reunited here thanks to the success of their raucous comedy The In-Laws (1979)—are zany insurance agents who get caught up in a murder plot. If you're a fan of classic crime movies, Big Trouble is for you. Cassavetes passed away in February 1989, three years after the film's completion.

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