Prokletinja (The Damned Thing). 1975. Yugoslavia. Directed by Branko Plesa. Screenplay by Plesa, based on the story by Ambrose Bierce. With Rade Markovic, Nikola Simic, Vasja Stankovic, Plesa. In Serbo-Croatian; English subtitles. 57 min.

Izbavitelj (The Rat Savior). 1976. Yugoslavia. Directed by Krsto Papic. Screenplay by Ivo Bresan, Papic, Zoran Tadic, based on the novel by Alexander Grin. With Ivica Vidovic, Mirjana Majurec, Relja Basic. In Serbo-Croatian; English subtitles. 80 min.

35mm print courtesy of the Slovenian Cinematheque

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