The Museum of Modern Art, Floor T1, Theater 1
*Cleopatra Jones.* 1973. USA. Directed by Jack Starrett. The Museum of Modern Art Film Study Center Special Collections

Cleopatra Jones. 1973. USA. Directed by Jack Starrett. With Tamara Dobson, Shelley Winters, Bernie Casey. 89 min.

Marketed as 6′2″ of “dynamite,” Tamara Dobson cut an unforgettably charismatic figure in this energetic blast of Blaxploitation, which offered a rousing feminine spin on a notably masculine genre. She plays the eponymous undercover special agent, a no-nonsense martial arts expert, facing off against the dastardly drug lord Mommy (Winters, in a breathtakingly strange performance.) Courtesy Warner Brothers Classics. 35mm.