Kristian. 1939. Czechoslovakia. Directed by Martin Frič. Courtesy of NFA

Kristián. 1939. Czechoslovakia. Directed by Martin Fric. Screenplay by Frič, Josef Gruss, Eduard Šimáček. With Oldřich Nový, Adina Mandlová, Nataša Gollová, Raoul Schránil. In Czech; English subtitles. 95 min.

The popular and prolific filmmaker Martin Frič offered this sublimely escapist work to the Czech public in the fateful year of 1939. Purged of political references, it is an exquisitely executed Lubitschian comedy about a mysterious, darkly romantic nightclub patron (the beloved Czech actor Oldřich Nový) with a deep secret: he is, in fact, imaginary, the creation of Alois, a travel bureau clerk who can only afford to play his role once every few weeks. When a glamorous socialite (Adina Mandlová) falls for his alter ego, Alois is flattered, but doesn’t want to endanger his relationship with his loving wife (Nataša Gollová). 35mm.

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