*Tonka Šibenice (Tonka of the Gallows).* 1930. Czechoslovakia. Directed by Karel Anton. Courtesy of NFA

Tonka Šibenice (Tonka of the Gallows). 1930. Czechoslovakia. Directed by Karl Anton. Screenplay by Benno Vigny and Willy Haas, from a novel by Egon Erwin Kisch. With Ita Rina, Vera Baranovskaja, Josef Rovenský. In Czech; English subtitles. 81 min.

This major rediscovery creates a bridge between the social realism of G. W. Pabst’s The Joyless Street and the dark lyricism of F. W. Murnau’s Sunrise. The extraordinary Ita Rina (Erotikon) is the title character, a prostitute whose act of pity—keeping chaste company with a condemned man through the night before he is to be hung—returns to threaten her unexpected chance of happiness, as the bride of a young farmer from her native village. The director, Karl Anton, went on to a long career in France and Germany largely as a maker of light comedies; nothing else known in his filmography approaches the emotional power and bravura filmmaking of Tonka’s final sequence, in which the dying heroine imagines the life that might have been hers. HD video.

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