*Takový je život (Such Is Life).* 1929. Czechoslovakia. Directed by Carl Junghans. Courtesy of NFA

Takový je život (Such Is Life). 1929. Czechoslovakia. Directed and written by Carl Junghans. With Vera Baranovskaja, Theodor Pištěk, Máňa Ženíšková. In Czech; English subtitles. 63 min.

The German leftist director Carl Junghans was unable to secure funding for this grim study of a poor washerwoman overwhelmed by circumstances in his native country, but eventually found a sympathetic investor in the form of the Czech actor Theodor Pištěk, who appears as the washerwoman’s alcoholic husband. Heavily influenced by the revolutionary Soviet cinema of the period, the film succeeds both as social-realist agitprop and exuberant formal play. A new digital restoration from the Czech National Film Archive. DCP.

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