*Batalion (Battalion).* 1927. Czechoslovakia. Directed by Přemysl Pražský. Courtesy of NFA

Batalion (Battalion). 1927. Czechoslovakia. Directed by Premysl Pražský. Screenplay by Josef Hais Týnecký. With Karel Hašler, Bronislava Livia, Vladimír Pospíšil-Born. Silent. 78 min.

Faced with a disintegrating marriage, a successful lawyer (Karel Hašler) descends into alcoholism, taking up residence in a dingy bar named “Battalion” in the old city of Prague. Standing up for the rights of his fellow outcasts, he becomes a hero to the poor and disenfranchised, but is unable to purge his private demons. This late silent film combines a harsh social realism with a daring use of avant-garde techniques to suggest its protagonist's inner struggle. HD video.

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