Photo: Peter Aaron, Otto

Presented with Artbook | D.A.P., join for a presentation with tapas and drinks in celebration of the launch of El Internacional, a publication in honor of the eponymous restaurant.

In the words of publishers Dilecta / Foodcultura: "The first restaurant to introduce tapas in the United States El Internacional was about more than the food it served, conceived by artist Antoni Miralda and chef Montse Guillén, the neighborhood staple soon became an icon of New York’s downtown scene of the 1980s. This is the story of a project that transformed dining experiences into installations and performance art, setting a precedent for the social art to come."

Contributors include Bendita Gloria, Daniel Moquay, Editorial Tenov, Edgar Allan Poe, Fundación Arte y Mecenazgo, M. Wells Dinette, Soon in Tokyo, Swallow Magazine.

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This event is part of VW Sunday Sessions.