T2, Theater 2
Tickets on sale April 24
*Redwood*. 2016. USA. Directed by Molly Lowe. Courtesy of the filmmaker

Molly Lowe, a New York–based filmmaker, sculptor, painter, and performance artist, presents the theatrical premieres of her recent films Redwood (2016, commissioned by Pioneer Works) and Formed (2013). In Redwood, a sensuous intermingling of sci-fi conjecture and family portraiture, masks and ritualistic movements—like those in Japanese Noh theater and the films of Maya Deren—are a stylized rictus of pleasure, fear, and pain. What endures, Lowe asks, when our bodies age and our minds become a tangle of memory and desire? What do we pass on to our daughters and granddaughters through our genes and through the stories we tell? Formed is a Surrealist grotesquerie involving squishy eggs, Spandex, and a wayward computer mouse; protuberant sticky tongues and cavernous orifices; cries of joy and sadness; and bodies groping, yearning, and pratfalling in the limelight. The screening is followed by a discussion with the artist and Joshua Siegel, Curator, Department of Film.

This film accompanies Modern Mondays.