*Die Letzte Chance (The Last Chance)*. 1945. Switzerland. Directed by Leopold Lindtberg. Courtesy Collection Cinémathèque suisse

Die Letzte Chance (The Last Chance). 1945. Switzerland. Directed by Leopold Lindtberg. Screenplay by Richard Schweizer, Elizabeth Montagu, Alberto Barberis. With Ewart G. Morrison, John Hoy, Ray Reagan. In English, Italian, German, French; English subtitles. 113 min.

Escaping from a German prison camp in the last months of World War II, three Allied soldiers (played by actual escapees Ewart G. Morrison, John Hoy, and Ray Reagan) find themselves burdened with a group of desperate refugees, braving the Alps in search of sanctuary in neutral Switzerland. An international hit in its day but unjustly forgotten since, The Last Chance captures the agony of the moment with the Neorealist vivacity of Rome, Open City, and its plea for the displaced is no less moving today. A restoration of the Cinémathèque suisse and the Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF), with the support of Memoriav at Hiventy laboratory and Praesens Film. DCP.

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