*The Delta.* 1997. USA. Directed by Ira Sachs. Courtesy of Photofest

The Delta. 1997. USA. Written and directed by Ira Sachs. With Shayne Gray, Thang Chan, Rachel Zan Huss. 85 min.

In The Delta, the doomed romance between Lincoln, an affluent white teenager, and Minh, the immigrant son of a poor Vietnamese woman and black G.I., moodily evokes the wide space between dreams, desires, and fulfillment in post–Vietnam War America. The setting is a little-seen, little-known Memphis, a town with a slipping regional identity filled with bars, clubs, and nameless pool halls. It's a city where kids get through their nights by drinking and doing drugs and gay men struggle with questions of personal identity and fulfillment. When Lincoln and Minh set off on a boat down the Mississippi, it's just another in a long series of failed escapes. 16mm.

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