The Museum of Modern Art, Floor T2, Theater 2
Marta Popivoda. *Yugoslavia, How Ideology Moved our Collective Body*, 2013. Video, 62 minutes. Courtesy the artist

MoMA presents the U.S. premiere of Yugoslavia, How Ideology Moved Our Collective Body (2013) by the Berlin–based Serbian filmmaker Marta Popivoda. Popivoda's work at the intersection of performance and film often explores the structure of the cultural and political spheres in both the former Yugoslavia and the broader contemporary world. Yugoslavia, How Ideology Moved Our Collective Body deals with the question of how ideology reveals itself in public space through mass performances. The author collected and analyzed film and video footage from the Yugoslavia years (1945–2000), focusing on state performances (youth work actions, May Day parades, celebrations of the Youth Day, etc.) and counter-demonstrations (student and civic demonstrations in 1968 and the 1990s, the 5 October Overthrow of 2000, etc.). Going back through the images, the film traces how Communist ideology was gradually exhausted through the changing relations between the people, ideology, and the state. The artist will be joined for a conversation by Ana Janevski, Associate Curator, Department of Media and Performance Art.

This film accompanies Modern Mondays.