Tonight and Every Night. 1945. USA. Directed by Victor Saville

Tonight and Every Night. 1945. USA. Directed by Victor Saville. 92 min.

Screenplay by Lesser Samuels, Abem Finkel. With Rita Hayworth, Janet Blair, Lee Bowman, Marc Platt, Leslie Brooks, Jack Cole. Dances by Jack Cole, Val Raset. This morale-boosting wartime musical is set in a London music hall modeled on the Windmill Theater, which never missed a show during the Blitz. In effect, the film is an almost uninterrupted stream of Cole numbers. In the opening, “What Does an English Girl Think of a Yank?,” Cole partners star Rita Hayworth in a boogie-woogie. Marc Platt’s talents are showcased in “The Radio Dance,” which requires him to channel Adolf Hitler between dance steps. “Cry and You Cry Alone" becomes an artful, masked ballet. And in the title number, Cole approaches the digital transformations of music video, with its clever “The Eyes and Ears of the World” montage sprung to life.

    1. Tuesday, January 26, 2016,
      7:00 p.m.

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      Introduced by Donna Platt
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    This film accompanies All That Jack (Cole).