The Museum of Modern Art, Floor 3, Exhibition Galleries
BOOKLUB at ​​*The Newsstand​*, ​2013​. Photograph: ​Lele Saveri​

At the installation The Newsstand, in the exhibition Ocean of Images: New Photography 2015, artist India Salvor Menuez presents BOOKLUB 10. Menuez is a visual artist, performer, and organizer working primarily in her hometown of New York. This is the 10th edition of the ongoing performance BOOKLUB series, which began at the original The Newsstand, in Brooklyn's Lorimer Street/Metropolitan Avenue subway station. Menuez initially drew from her own community in New York, asking artists to work beyond their comfort zones: a photographer might write a poem, or a painter might deliver a knot-tying demonstration. The invitation to perform is always extended to the audience, making the event a meeting place for diverse artists and viewers. For this BOOKLUB, a portion of the submissions will be assembled into a zine, which will serve as documentation of the event.

This event accompanies Ocean of Images: New Photography 2015.