The Museum of Modern Art, Floor 3, Exhibition Galleries
*​Commuters​*​ at *The Newsstand​*, ​January 25, 2014​. Photograph: ​Lele Saveri​

At the installation The Newsstand, in the exhibition Ocean of Images: New Photography 2015, Lele Saveri presents Commuters. Saveri, a photographer, curator, and organizer in New York, is the founder of 8 Ball Zines, an independent publisher and book fair founded in 2012. Commuters, a series of over 600 portraits of passersby taken by the artist during the 10-month duration of The Newsstand in Brooklyn's Lorimer Street/Metropolitan Avenue subway station, formed a collective portrait of that time and place. At the end of the original stand’s existence, Saveri installed 4 x 6" prints of the images, and let any commuters who recognized themselves take their portrait home.

This event accompanies Ocean of Images: New Photography 2015.