Followed by a Q&A with Gehr moderated by film historian Tom Gunning
The Museum of Modern Art, Floor T2, Theater 2
*Bird’s Eye View*. 2014. USA. Directed by Ernie Gehr. Couresty the artist

American avant-garde filmmaker Ernie Gehr presents the New York premiere of recent video work in conjunction with his proto-cinema installation CARNIVAL OF SHADOWS, which is currently on view in the galleries. High-definition digital technology has enabled an outpouring of new moving image pieces melding found footage and contemporary video recordings. In Gehr’s work, these techniques are used to explore the fluidity of space and the physical nature of passing time—his Bon Voyage and Better than Ever (both 2015) continue his experiments with abstraction and early film; Mist I & ll (2014) is a meditative seascape shaped by a chance occurrence; and A Commuter’s Life (2014) is based on travel experiences along the Northeast Corridor of the U.S. Throughout, Gehr’s perception-altering moving imagery is characterized by its ephemerality, visual reflection, and formal experimentation.

This film accompanies Modern Mondays and Ernie Gehr: Carnival of Shadows.