Jozef Israëls (27 January 1824 – 12 August 1911) was a Dutch painter. He was a leading member of the group of landscape painters referred to as the Hague School and, during his lifetime, "the most respected Dutch artist of the second half of the nineteenth century".
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Israëls was born in Groningen to poor Jewish parents. He trained as an artist in Groningen and Amsterdam, and between 1845 and 1855, he expanded his training by travelling to Paris, Dusseldorf, and the artist's colony at Oosterbeek. However, the most influential locations he visited were the Dutch seaside towns of Zandvoort and Katwijk, were he adopted genre painting as a means of documenting the lives of the towns' fishermen. His painting "Fisherman Carrying a Drowned Man" earned him an international reputation when it was shown at the Paris Salon in 1861. After this, he continued to focus on capturing the inner lives and the grief experienced by poor fishermen and their families. Israëls' concentration on these somber and humble themes is believed to have influenced the young Vincent van Gogh. Comment on works: history, mythology, Portraits; printmker
Artist, Etcher, Lithographer, Genre Artist, Painter
Jozef Israëls, Josef Israëls, Josef Israêls, Joseph Israëls, Jozef Israïls, Yosef Yiśra'el's, Yosef Yiśraʼel's, יוסף ישראלס, Josef Israels, Joseph Israels, Jozef Israels, Isräel, Israels, israels j., J. Israels, israels jozef, j. israel, jo. israels, josef israel, josef v. israels, joseph israels, jos. israel, jo.s israels, jos. israels, jos. jsraels, jozeph israels
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