Natalia Sergeevna Goncharova (Russian: Ната́лья Серге́евна Гончаро́ва, IPA: [nɐˈtalʲjə sʲɪrˈɡʲejɪvnə ɡənʲtɕɪˈrovə]; June 21, 1881 – October 17, 1962) was a Russian avant-garde artist, painter, costume designer, writer, illustrator, and set designer. Goncharova's lifelong partner was also a fellow Russian avant-garde artist Mikhail Larionov. She was a founding member of both the Jack of Diamonds (1909–1911), Moscow's first radical independent exhibiting group, the more radical Donkey's Tail (1912–1913), and with Larionov invented Rayonism (1912–1914). She was also a member of the German based art movement known as Der Blaue Reiter. Born in Russia, she moved to Paris in 1921 and lived there until her death. Her painting vastly influenced the avant-garde in Russia. Her exhibition held in Moscow and St. Petersburg (1913 and 1914) were the first promoting a “new” artist by an independent gallery. When it comes to the pre-revolutionary period in Russia, where decorative painting and icons were a secure profession, her modern approach to rendering icons were both transgressive and problematic. Her work is usually considered too culturally specific to her Slavic heritage to be universally figured as avant-garde.
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Prominent member of the Russian avant garde before World War I; organized series of major exhibitions in Moscow; her primitivist style was influenced by peasant art, icons, modern French art and Futurism; late painting was in a near-abstract Rayonist style.
Artist, Costume Designer, Designer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Painter, Sculptor
Natalia Goncharova, Natal'ya Goncharova, Natal'ya Sergeyevna Goncharova, Natalija Sergeevna Goncharova, Nathalie Gontcharova, Natalija Sergeevna Gončarova, Natalija Sergeevna Goncarova, Nataliia Sergeevna Goncharova, Natalya Sergeevna Goncharova, Natalii︠a︡ Sergeevna Goncharova, Natalja Goncjarowa, N. Goncharova, Natalia Gontcharova, Natalija Gončarova, Наталия Сергеевна Гончарова, Natalja Gontscharowa, Natalia Sergeevna Goncharova
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