December 2, 2011  |  Do You Know Your MoMA?
Do You Know Your MoMA? 12/2/11

How well do you know your MoMA? If you think you can identify the artist and title of each of these works—all currently on view in the Painting and Sculpture and Architecture and Design galleries—please submit your answers by leaving a comment on this post. We’ll provide the answers next month (on Friday, January 6).

Congratulations to Dimitri Bogacuk for being the first to (almost) correctly identify all six works last month. Do you have what it takes to claim this month’s title?

1. On Karawa. Wednesday, Dec. 12, 1979. 1979

2. Konstantin Grcic. MYTO Chair. 2007

3. Richard Hamilton. Release. 1972

4. Marianne Brandt. Teapot. 1924

5. Pablo Picasso. Interior with a Girl Drawing. 1935

6. Paul Gaugin. Still Life with Three Puppies. 1888


1. Joseph Kosuth, the word definition
2. Henri Matisse, Blue Window
3. Vasily Kandinsky, or possibly Kasimir Malevich
4. Andrew Wyeth, Christina’s World
5. ??
6. Alex Katz, Upside Down Ada

1.Definition” by Joseph Kosuth
2.”A Path in the Forest near Trivaux” by Henri Matisse
3. Varvara Stepanova
4.”Christina’s World” by Andrew Wyeth
5.First Disk phone
6.”Upside Down Ada” by Alex Katz

1 albers
3 kandinski
4 wyeth
5 duchamp
6 rosenquist

1. joseph kosuth, the word “definition” late 960s
2. Henry Matisse, “the blue window”, 1910s?
3. Varvara Stepanova “figure”
4. Andrew Wyeth, “christina’s world, 1948
6. Alex Katz “upside down Ada” 1965?

1. Duchamp 2. Matisse 3. Gris 4. Wyeth 5. ? 6. Katz

1. Joseph Kosuth, Titled (Art as Idea as Idea) The Word “Definition,” 1966-68.
2. Henri Matisse, The Blue Window, 1913.
3. Varvara Stepanova, Figure, 1921.
4. Andrew Wyeth, Christina’s World, 1948.
5. Richard Schadewell, Frankfurt (‘Bauhaus’) Telephone, 1929.
6. Alex Katz, Upside Down Ada, 1965.

1. Joseph Kosuth – Titled (Art as Idea as Idea) The Word “Definition”
2. Henri Matisse – The Blue Window
3. Varvara Stepanova – Figure
4. Andrew Wyeth – Christina’s World
5. Richard Schadewell – Frankfurt (‘Bauhaus’) Telephone
6. Alex Katz – Upside Down Ada

No,no conozco,creo que nunca podré hacerlo,pero igual,agradezco las imágenes que suben,y la enorme e importante difución que hacen del arte,mucha suerte y gracias,felices fiestas…

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