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March 26, 2010  |  Rising Currents
Rising Currents: Opening of the Exhibition

Documentation of the P.S.1 workshop phase of the exhibition

Rising Currents opened to the public yesterday. One of the premises of the exhibition is the value of creative collaboration, and in that spirit we encourage visitors to respond to the exhibition by posting comments on the project website at the kiosk inside the gallery.     

The team leaders participated in a panel discussion moderated by myself and Guy Nordenson on Tuesday evening. We posed several questions to the teams, focusing on the unique format of the workshop phase at P.S.1. Specifically, we asked if the teams gained any valuable insights during the Open Houses, when the public was invited to see work in progress.      

Similarly, we’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the exhibition’s emphasis on process. Does this unusual degree of transparency change your view of the architectural and landscape design practice?     

Installation view of Rising Currents: Projects for New York




I’m trying to find out if you are having a special exhibit of Picasso works starting in April. I can’t find anything in the website.

hi Maggie, yes we do have a Picasso exhibition – Picasso: Themes and Variations. The exhibition opened today and explores Picasso’s creative process through the medium of printmaking. Here is a link to information about the exhibition on

Hi Rising Currents,
From a Civil Engineering point of view, the innovation and magnitude of the projects shown in this exhibition is simply exciting. It is good that the museum hold exhibits like these to educate the public about current brainstorms or schemes and also, to expose the wonders that creativity and engineering combined can produce. By the way, have the projects undergone a full feasibility study yet? (taking into account the financial, social aspects- public opinion- of things as well?)
Thank you! Have a nice day.

silly me, but is the exhibit at PS1 or MOMA (and it was the development process that was at PS1)? If at MOMA, is this a special ticket or part of the regular admission? Thanks.

hi Dan, the exhibition is at MoMA but the workshops were at P.S.1. And this exhibition is included with general admission ticket. Hope this answers your questions!

Hi, I would just like to say, that I really enjoyed the Tim Burton exhibition, and I wish it was a little bit longer.

You list “landscape designers” who participated in Rising Currents, but I wonder if they were really “landscape architects”? As a grad student in landscape architecture – the ideas presented in this exhibit are the sorts of things we design all the time, and design well. We don’t just design backyard gardens! Fantastic exhibition – thanks.

C’est genial ce musee ! Je suis Francaise et j ai 8 ans !

Ce musee est tres bien, on y trouve enormememt de choses !!
PS: Je suis francais!!

on est francais et ce musee est top of the pop

The urban ground.
Very interesting.
I am not sure people really understand the power of water.
If water rises it is a matter of time that fewer people will be able to stay.
I am a civil engineer and hope that a good solution will be found but I haven’t heard of a good one worldwide.

All I can say is that you guys (New York City) are screwed. There’s no way you’re going to do all this. And of course, this is all assuming that global warming is real. If you don’t believe that, well then this exhibit is pointless. But I mean, come on, who doesn’t believe in global warming…er, I mean climate change (global warming is politically incorrect. And our number one goals as humans should be to be politically correct at all times)? Everyone. Right?


I went and visited the exhibition on Friday night and was incredibly intrigued as well as impressed by the innovative thought as well as the varying but still compelling graphic representation in the models and panels of each of the works. I was wondering if there is going to be any publication of this work available?

Thank you.

I visited the Rising Current Exhibit and it is great to know that someone is thinking about these things and coming up with solution that are still good for the environment. I thought it was very interesting.

Very interesting exhibits with lot of intriguing ideas. Some of them however promote new development which would then bring more people into the area and further stress the ecosystem, thus counteracting any positive results.

Nice models good ideas but where is the proof of concept? If the whole exhibit is predicated on rising sea levels you should say what model you are using and then construct a good math model to graphically show what the effects of the new designs are. The problem is the people on the the board have no clue about technology and it shows in the antiquated view of a museum which seem to still only allow the same old stuff through. Dynamic models which show the predicted effects of the designs under simulated conditions are what needs to be done. Since there are no programmer, engineers who have an artistic bent here there will only be less and less appreciation about how this effects art and the society at large. Nothing has changed here since I was a kid!

I thought that the proposed ideas were presented in a very fluid manner. Not that this would have any great effect, as the ideas themselves were spectacular.

Great ideas, and they are beautifully displayed. Y’all did a great job on this exhibition,and the plans look real promising. Best of Luck!

I had the chance to view this exhibit last week — WOW. I had viewed the website and seen a presentation by ARO on their project before, but seeing the actual exhibit was awesome. Well done. Thank you for supporting the exploration of these issues in architecture and infrastructure.

Inventive ideas. However, it depends on a number of significant assumptions – not only in terms of the future direction of the flooding – but also that the governments in New York and New Jersey would collaborate to resign themselves to allow the flooding without seeking alternatives. Also this work assumes a resumed interest in recentralizing industrial and economic endeavors within the city, something that even in NYC has only obptained mixed success. Not to be a pessimist, but the more tunnel vision that goes into the planning, the less likely it will be to get realized.

Another concern would be about the inevitabe pollution in the rising waters from mingling with existing ctiy pollution. What efforts would be done to address this?

The exhibit is great. Please continue to build on the metropolis model. Maybe one day it will rival the great cities of the world.

In some of the comments I read hear, and from overhearing some of the people in this exhibition hall today, I get the sense that people find all this conceptualizing rather exciting: the ocean cities’ future is at hand! Umm…you do realize that the reason why they are doing all these cool looking models is because the industrialized cultures of the earth are destroying the environment, right? I am not a tree-hugging hippy, just someone who recognizes that an 8 foot rise is the sea level may mean some of these concepts becoming hard facts (though perhaps not: see the “You’re screwed…” comment above), but what about places like Bangladesh and Kiribati that lack the financial wherewithal to do anything but start relocating their citizens: Bangladesh to an already crowded interior; Kiribati…well, Kiribati would pretty much cease to exist.

i really loved the “Water Proving Ground” part of the exhibit. And the “Ocean City” part as well. that was so awesome! It’s so interesting and beautiful and artistic! I loved it! My pa did too.

i feel like this is a very important exitbit because all those who read what is actually on the wall learn about future predictions. all though some people may not believe it they cant say they have never heard of this before. the world is changing rapidly and the enviroment is deteriorating and people need to know what is going on in the world and not always live in denial.

I love it!!!! I am 11 and I love it !! It’s so cool!!! I am from Brazil and this is real different of art of Brazil. I love all of the museum. It’s really cool.
I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!

I like the idea of dealing with upcming prolems instead of complaining, and working on a solution!!!

the exhibition is beautiful, and also the relationships between environment and engineering (connected with MIT). I`ll go back as early as possible to see the news.

this was truly eye opening. as a student struggling between striving to join the work force, and trying to be aware of the worlds troubles, this allows me to view the possibilities in my generations future. all I can really say from there is, let get this started!!! its time that we rediscovered the power of our earth’s water.

I thought this was a beautiful exhibit i loved every minute of it. I wish I can come here everyday!

This is a tremendous exhibit. I truly appreciate the forethought and design demonstrated particularly in the natural and passive solutions (ie. oyster-tecture, using Ship wrecks as an attraction). From the viewpoint of an ocean engineer / naval architect, this brings up many questions and comments. How might a “blue roof” be integrated with the building’s HVAC system? How does this use of a roof compare to a green roof in terms of cooling, natural habitat, recreation, and weight?? I love the idea of using ship wrecks as attractions. On the new aqueous city, as the designers are likely already aware, there are good models for what they have proposed. Wrt the installation of wave attenuating islands, see the FLIP research vessel. Wrt biogas ferries, see the study on Biofuels on the Washington State Ferries. Wrt wave attenuating piers and large floating structures, the hydroelastic analysis on floating bridges is applicable. I look forward to reading more literature on these projects if available.

Wowwy! All your hard work definitely paid off! My mother is an architect and we both enjoyed it quite a lot! If possible please tell me some more about your studies at my email

il progetto e’ bbellissimo, new york ora e’ rumorosa e puzzolente, in alcuni punti invivibile. ciao Lucia

i think that the mens wre working hard in thats exposicions.
i want to see ,ore in the future jajaj

Soy espanola, esto es increible, pero hace mucho frio.
Hemos estado aqu’i una semana, nos vamos, me ha encantado esta ciudad, pero esto es otro mundo. Spain is different.

tahnk you

wow this is great exhibit and beautiful place! and the idea of computer and chair is also good!

anyone know where I can find the panels presented in the expositions, and I can not not be visiting that country.
I would like details on the Web … anyone knows any link where are all these panels? thanks

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