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The Bittertang Farm


Principal: Michael Loverich

In Gels, water informs the creation of a new landscape. Water is captured in various features across the site to produce a collection of living beings. One of the installation's primary materials is bundled and mounded hay, which will sprout wheatgrass and wildflowers across its conical surfaces; throughout the course of the summer the installation will literally grow and wither.

In addition to nourishing these architectural volumes, water becomes a playful architectural element within the courtyard, and its presence can be felt, heard, and seen in a large glowing and bellowing sac of liquid and its numerous jelly-like offspring. The largest sac becomes an interactive feature—like a disco ball—that helps to motivate the party, and the smaller water sacs sprinkled throughout the site function as furniture and structural elements. Water can also be found oozing from elevated interactive heads that sway in the wind, creating a cooling drip garden. As the summer comes to an end the bodies of these elements, which have been held together with thin membranes of plastic and netting, will be drained of their water and their hay composted—leaving barely a trace of their former being.