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Principals: Benjamin Dillenburger and Michael Hansmeyer

Architecture should surprise, excite, and irritate. Architecture must be both an intellectual and an experiential endeavor, addressing not only the mind, but also the senses—viscerally. Phenomena aims to spark curiosity and encourages visitors to interact with it: to touch it, dive into it, get lost in it, and, ultimately, to become part of it.

Phenomena defies classification and elicits individual interpretations. It’s at once a performance space, an ornate fountain, and a projection screen. During the day, its reactive surface engages with the courtyard and street by projecting sound, reflecting light, casting shadows, and spraying water and mist. At night it transforms into an oversized three-dimensional display for video art.

Up close, Phenomena stimulates visitors with its complex curves and extreme resolution: millions of differentiated facets unfold in space, creating an architecture of a thousand unique perspectives. Phenomena pushes the boundaries of digital design and fabrication to its limits.

As both stage and event, Phenomena invites people to celebrate a summer full of joy and wonder.