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January 31, 2014  |  Five for Friday
Five for Friday: The Picture Stays in the Picture

I am a big proponent for slowing down to look more closely at art when visiting museums. Sometimes, instead of scrambling to see as many works as possible (and finding that few stick), that means focusing in on just a small number of works during a visit.

November 11, 2009  | 
Leslie Hewitt in New Photography 2009

Leslie Hewitt has a way with space. When I first saw her work (the series Riffs on Real Time at the Studio Museum Harlem), I liked how the pictorial space in the pictures was flattened, calling my attention to the photograph’s surface. Of course, we all know that photographs are two-dimensional, but they can be pretty convincing windows into a seemingly real world. In her work, Leslie counters this illusion by creating pictures wherein space is collapsed, compressed, or disoriented. I was not surprised to learn that she is also a sculptor, which can be seen in her methodical approach to image-making.

November 4, 2009  |  Collection & Exhibitions
Sterling Ruby in New Photography 2009

New Photography is one of my favorite shows to organize.  Generally, it means working with artists of my own generation, and introducing work that I really believe in to a larger audience.  New Photography is about new ideas and new ways of working, and this year’s installment of the exhibition series (which has been around since 1985) is no different.  While in previous years we have highlighted work of artists that are not artistically related, this year, I decided to take a thematic approach and bring together the works of artists that participate in the lively debate on the nature of photography in the twenty-first century.  This new approach to the exhibition series is an experiment, which is very much in the spirit of the work in the show.