September 11, 2012  |  Events & Programs
Pop-Up Play @ MoMA

Pop-Up Play @ MoMA. Photo: Kirsten Schroeder

How often do kids get to hear, “You can do whatever you want with any of the materials you see”? Well that was the case one Friday in August for visitors to Pop-Up Play @ MoMA. Taking inspiration from the junk and adventure playgrounds of the postwar years that are highlighted in the MoMA exhibition Century of the Child: Growing by Design, 1900–2000, the workshop invited kids and adults to explore, build, and combine everyday and recycled materials. Most materials were gathered from Materials for the Arts and ranged from squares of plastic grass to cardboard tubes to fabric and twine to boxes—lots and lots of boxes. Participants combined these materials to make robots, costumes, structures, sculptures, drawings, tunnels, necklaces, and more. It was impressive to see how well the families worked together to encourage creativity and experimentation. In the slideshow (photos by Kirsten Schroeder) and video below, you can take a look at what they created.

The event was organized in association with Pop-Up Adventure Play. Check out their website for information and opportunities for child-directed play.

Did you attend? If so, share your favorite memory of the day in the comments.