April 23, 2012  |  Design, MoMA Stores
Student Counsel: Creating Destination: Mexico’s Visual Identity with Centro, University for Design and Media, Mexico

Each of the MoMA Design Store’s Destination: Design projects has a unique visual identity inspired by the character of the region’s product collection. In the past, graphics have been designed in-house or by one of the project’s participating designers. To commemorate our 10th destination, Mexico, we took a new approach and invited local students to work with our creative team on developing Destination: Mexico‘s visual identity that is communicated through product displays and signage, online graphics, and collateral materials.

Over the summer I met with students at Centro, University for Design and Media, Mexico, and Uzyel Karp, director of the school’s visual communication department, to introduce the Destination: Design series and facilitate their participation in our latest project.

The passion of these young artists was infectious and kept us energized through several all-night brainstorms and workshops. The students proposed concepts that showcased a distinctly Mexican identity without relying on stereotypical iconography. The resulting graphic is a vibrant synthesis of Mexican themes presented in a contemporary interpretation. Explore the slideshow below for a look at the design process and some of the inspirations behind Destination: Mexico‘s visual identity.