October 6, 2010  |  Collection & Exhibitions, Counter Space
Mystery Film Still Contest!

Mystery Film Still No. 1

We are very lucky to have the resources and colleagues we do here at MoMA, but sometimes we need extra help. For example, our much-loved exhibition title, Counter Space—to give credit where credit is due—was provided by Architecture & Design superfan Andrew Ashwood. Now we need YOUR help with another kitchen-y project…and why not add some fun by making it a contest?

After a full day this summer spent exploring the impressive film still archive of our Film Department, we returned with a wonderful group of photographs, all set in kitchens. These are now on view in the exhibition in pre- and postwar slideshows, and a selection is also available here. They provide an excellent record of the important cinematic roles kitchens have played in every decade. In film as in real life, kitchens are memorable settings for scenes of coziness and chaos, sex and violence, schmaltz and slapstick. While we were able to sort many with the help of eager friends (thank you, Charles Silver and Liz + Deborah Weiss!), a handful of our photographs were unfortunately not identified, and remain mysteries.

So here’s the CONTEST: Below are ten selected film stills that we really like but have stumped us; test your film whiz-ardry and submit your guesses by October 31 to [email protected]. (Please include photo numbers; No. 1 is above.) We will do our best to confirm, and the participant with the most correct answers will receive a prize from the MoMA Design Store: a Folding Cutting Board designed by Mark Sanders. (Thank you to vendor Joseph Joseph.) Titles are most appreciated, but we will give partial credit for actors or other related information. Good luck!

Mystery Film Still No. 2

Mystery Film Still No. 3

Mystery Film Still No. 4

Mystery Film Still No. 5

Mystery Film Still No. 6

Mystery Film Still No. 7

Mystery Film Still No. 8

Mystery Film Still No. 9

Mystery Film Still No. 10